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Commercial Construction

Bid Phase

The first part of any construction project is the bid phase. We have a full-time in-house estimating department with many years of experience in preparing and submitting bids to general contractors.

Digital Takeoff

Our estimating team uses the latest in digital takeoff technology. This allows us to eleminate big bulky paper blue prints, and replace them with on-screen versions that can be scaled and resized, allowing us to estimate a project much quicker than using tradional old-fasioned methods!

The end result is a cleaner, more accurate takeoff, and a more realistic bid price for you that will result in a professional install with no additional change orders because we "missed" something.

Scope Letter

Once the takeoff is complete and we have our bid price, our estimating team will prepare a scope letter for your project that will detail all systems and materials included for the bid price. This scope letter will outline everything included in the install, and any exclusions that may be warranted.

Computer Takeoff

Our Qualifications

Underground plumbing install

Install Phase

The installation phase is where true craftsmenship becomes apparent. Our construction crews have the experience to take your project from layout to turn-over.

Site Work

From sewer taps and meter tie-ins, to manholes and storm drains, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done.


We install water lines, waste lines, grease traps, grinder pumps, etc. The underground work sets the stage for the entire project to build on top of!


Water lines, vent lines, waste lines, gas lines, condensate lines, vacuum lines, etc. We are experienced in installing all common materials that your project may contain.

Copper, PEX, PVC, CPVC, Cast Iron, Black Malleable, Stainless Steel, etc. All installations performed with strict adherence to international and local plumbing codes, tested, and inspected by the appropriate municiple inspector.


All specified fixtures and equipment will be set according to manufactures specifications and industry best practices. All work will be performed in a craftsmenship like manner.

All fixtures and equipment will match the exact models specified on the spec. sheet, or equipment schedule, as listed in the subbmittals, unless equals are allowed or value engineering is requested.

What Can We Build For You?

Close Out

No job is finished until the paperwork is done. Construction is no exception. From Contract to Certificate of Warranty, our project managers and back office professionals will provide all the documents your project requires.

  • Contract
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Submittals
  • Schedule of Values
  • Lien Waivers
  • Certificate of Warranty
  • As-Builts

If your project requires any other forms, we will be happy to accomodate.

Signing the contract