Baby taking a bath in the kitchen sink

The Things In Your Home Should Work!

Your home should be your castle, your refuge, and your solace. Where comfort and function is the rule, rather than the exception.

Nothing adversely affects your day to day quality of life more than things in your home that do not function as they were intended.

Toilets that keep running after flushing, or that start running suddenly in the middle of the night. Sinks that are barely usable because of a slow or completely clogged drain. Faucets that drip and keep you from sleeping. All these are problems that you do not have to live with!

Pipes that bang in the wall can be hushed. High water pressure or low water pressure can be remedied. That mysterious wet spot in the yard can be solved. Funny tasting water can be filtered.

Don't be uncomfortable in your own home!

At Keith Hodge Plumbing LLC we are ready to correct any issue you may have, and return your home to the happy place it should be!

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